Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi. I'm Joie. I have plenty of bad ideas. I look forward to sharing them with you here! Let's start it up right, huh?


Proper Nouns Come Into Play in Scrabble Rule Change

So basically, this means I will be able to own most of you at scrabble now. Horrible vocabulary? Check. Wonderful knowledge of names and places? Check. BRING IT.

Also, if you are in NYC, SF, or LA, this movie should be playing near you now:

Blah blah blah, you hate hipsters, yadda yadda yadda. I get it. You're really cool. Just shut up and give it a whirl. I saw this preview when I went to IFC Manhattan last month to see The Art of Stealing (which I hella vouch for btw). I like when someone talks about how monogamy is retarded and it isn't me.


Bad Idea Potluck said...

This movie looks awesome. Too bad I'm probably too much of a weenie to deal with it emotionally.

Sara said...

I definitely want to go see it with you. Let me know!