Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watch Her Dance to the End of Love

I finally realized my lifelong dream of going to Coney Island, although this is probably not the last you'll hear about it because I didn't even end up going to the Coney Island Museum. I just walked around with Sara and looked at stuff, ate some fries, and took these pictures.

Who painted all these mystical midway signs? I find them fairly haunting. If Ashley Macomber didn't paint that wolf/whale illusion beastie, then someone owes her money. (I'm sure it's her.) I'm so inspired by all of the paintings though. A mermaid sitting on a hamburger would be a great tattoo for one thing.

But mostly I'm inspired to get this and watch it again: The Warriors (The Ultimate Director's Cut). I found out recently that the book was based on a novel by a guy named Sol Yurick, which in turn was based on a Greek military classic called the Anabasis. Not sure yet if I like the movie enough to track down the book, but I am curious.

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