Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Karmic Komix

I thought I'd never find a new web comic to love, but I have. So, let's just make this week comedy week and go for it. I know I make chronic underemployment look glamorous on this blog, but that isn't the whole truth. It isn't all sleeping in and inventing new ways to eat ramen. Sometimes it's hard work. Sometimes I could use few laughs.

That's why I endorse Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell. It is guaranteed to balance your karma or at least take your mind off the fact that you too may be going to hell. The basic idea is kind of like Constantine meets Friends in Brooklyn. See, Darwin Carmichael is a lot like you and me, only he made a big mistake when he was a teenager involving the infant Dalai Lama and now he is probably going to hell. (It has yet to be explained how he knows this for sure, but stay with me.) Of course, it isn't all hopeless. His best friend is the daughter of saints and she wants to help him. His pet manticore is pulling for him too.

Set in Brooklyn as it is, the comic is loaded with enough urban subcultural references to make it every bit the guilty pleasure that Nothing Nice To Say and other Mitch Clem comics are. However, when it comes to references to obscure mythological creatures, Darwin Carmichael is probably unrivaled in the online cartooning world. For instance, I'll bet you've never even heard of the Leprechaun of Gentrification.

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