Sunday, February 21, 2010

Defensive Ads for Shitty Beer

I feel a special affection for the Budweiser subway ads where they scrappily try to take on the entire craft brew movement by pointing out that the type of beer squirted into those little cans has a fancy name too. And apparently there are taste benefits to brewing a lager with rice. It imparts crispness and refreshment. Next you'll be telling me that brewing Miller High Life with corn gives it that distinctive warm savor of inexpensive. These ads are really funny all, but I kind of miss the frogs and Spuds MacKenzie.

I have no quarrel with shitty beer. It is great for times like when you are broke, want something to spray on your favorite band at the peak of their set, or when you have serious business to discuss and don't wish to be distracted by delicious flavors. It's also great for those rare occasions when one wants to drink without having to actually feel the effects of alcohol.

I try not to be bad spirited on here, but look at it. It is an ad campaign on the verge of tears. Like, is Dogfish Head seriously keeping these guys up at night? That's kind of exciting. There's surely no reason for it, though. I'd be surprised to find out that all the IPA's ever consumed in Williamsburg had measurably impacted the brand's bottom line.

Incidentally, it's no longer an American brand. It is owned by InBev, a multinational based in Belgium and run by Brazilians according to THIS and various other sources for my cursory research.

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