Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Best Bad

We got this link from Gizmodo. They have a little ChatRoulette-oriented contest going on over there. Check it out.

I'd really like to try this ChatRoulette, but with my selectively-crippling social anxiety and lack of a web cam it's sort of a non-starter. Too bad. This is the stuff really weird dreams are made of. Let me know if you've taken a dip in this ocean, Dear Reader.

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Jhoni Jackson said...

I've used Chat Roulette for kicks, only -- you know, putting my dog in front of the camera so that's all the other person sees so I can laugh at their reaction. That kind of thing. The idea of it is interesting, but in reality, every third person on Chat Roulette is a dude whacking it at full-speed. Beware!