Monday, January 4, 2010

You: throwing away an illegal handgun

I received a copy of I Saw You as a gift. It features short comics based on Craigslist "missed connections" ads and the concept of a missed connection in a broader sense. It features comics by everyone who is anyone in the world of indie comics and it is consistently entertaining. This is because it is edited by Julia Wertz, who does The Fart Party. More information HERE.

Just like I Saw You, the actual missed connections page on Craigslist is consistently entertaining and occasionally sweet/creepy. Most postings are more erotic than the one I found today:

Me: Radio, blue suit, screaming. You: throwing away an illegal handgun - m4m - 24 (Harlem / Morningside)

Our eyes met for a minute, and when I stopped to talk to you, you yelled "oh shit!", threw away your Hi-Point C9 and ran like a son of a bitch, vanishing somewhere into the housing projects. I stopped to recover the gun you dropped, and you left without giving me a chance to get your name, address, phone number, and depriving me of giving you the chance to plead to two years probation.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that I recovered your gun, and I'll be keeping an eye out for you. Hope we meet again soon!

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