Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vivian Girls Watch

I'm just going to get post happy and not care today. It's raining. If you go over to the Vivian Girls Myspace page, you can hear their poignant new cover of The Chantels' "He's Gone".

They have also announced new tour dates. Atlanta is not yet on the list. They haven't been back here in awhile. Was someone mean to them? Don't they like us? They have been making it down to South Florida and they will be playing The Ice Palace with Exene Cervenka and The Blow as part of Art Basel Miami on Thursday. It's really a good thing that I can't go. My head would explode.

Check out the love they get in my home-ish state:


7inchatlanta said...

They were in Atlanta about a month ago, but not to play a gig.

Bev said...

Damn. Just visiting?

7inchatlanta said...

Yeah and Cassie needed guitar strings. I found out about this after the fact or else, as bad as this will sound, I would have found them!