Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Pirates of Penance

I slept on some good bands this year. But they are mostly new so by "slept on" I mean haven't had a chance to see them or get my hands on a recording. I will amend this in the New Year. The most shameful of my omissions is Surfer Blood. Because they are from West Palm and I sorta grew up around there and West Palm doesn't give me too many reasons to puff up my chest while inserting my thumbs under my suspenders with my palms facing out. Here is a live video:

I almost got to see Davila 666, but me and Sean, I shit you not, forgot about Gonerfest. We had a lot going on, okay? Anyway, I feel that particular loss keenly. The self-titled album is pretty great and they're from Puerto Rico so I worry about how many chances I'll get to see them. But, gosh, garage punk sounds good in Spanish. (Am I nuts or do they remind anyone else of The Hives?) Here is an honest-to-goodness video:

I also would have gotten to see the Shitty Beach Boys in Memphis. The name is perfect and they deliver somehow something more and and yet something less than punk covers of Beach Boys songs. And, well, here, this is what I missed:

Then my friend Sara told me I would probably like Dum Dum Girls but I took my sweet time in verifying this. Who's sorry now? I think it's me:

Really, I just wish I'd been at that there Woodsist Fest.


7inchatlanta said...

Hadn't heard/heard of the Shitty Beach Boys.

I adore Dum Dum Girls, as you could have guessed. Notice who is on drums in that Catholicked video.

Bev said...

I give up. Who is it? If it's someone I would recognize then there is way too much junk on/in front of her face.(Thanks for the link to The Gits movie btw.)

7inchatlanta said...

You don't recognize a former Vivian Girl?