Sunday, December 6, 2009

More people should be obsessed with Slant 6

People obsess over plenty of other bands that broke up in the '90s. And, if the '90s must come back, can it please be the part of the '90s that looked and sounded like this? Not that these videos do them justice. Everything Christina Billotte and the other members of Slant 6 did before and afterward was hugely significant, but I have a particular soft spot for "What Kind of Monster Are You?" and the album Soda Pop-Rip Off.

Back to the '90s, I worry that the version of the decade that is bearing down on us will be a total (and highly sanitary) bum out. Maybe I'm being negative again. I can definitely deal with Lilith Fair 2010. And I guess I'm up for some more baby-doll dresses, if it means no more rompers.

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