Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rad Laundry


When Julia isn't crafting amazing veg delicacies, she's selecting choice vintage items like the pom pom hat and Colombian beer t-shirt I'm wearing and selling them through her Etsy site Pickleabra.

Besides Pickleabra, this photo shoot (cred: Sean) also gives me the chance to send a long-overdue shout out to my beloved Laundry Lounge in Midtown. In addition to '80s video games, this chic laundromat offers a genuinely pleasant lounge area with rocking chairs and effing free coffee. It's more of a laundry spa, really. Admittedly, the washers are small and the dryers can be a bit ineffectual, but in a world where real style is such a rarity, I'll take that over substance once in awhile.

The Lounge might truly be a best kept secret, but, y'know, I'm beginning to think I was put on this earth to eradicate such secrets. To that end, I challenge you to show me a cooler place to wash clothes. Seriously, if you can, you get a prize.

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I got a reason... said...

who knew laundry day could be so luscious? I should convene a meeting of the El Paisano Lioness Club at the Double L sometime! Thanks, Bev!