Friday, October 30, 2009

The hip that dare not speak its name

I can't hold it in anymore. If I hear one more person my own age smugly (and no doubt rhetorically) ask "what is a hipster?" I am going to, well, probably just stare at them in impotent rage. I might also instruct them to stop pretending to be so above the shallow vagaries pop culture that they are wholly ignorant of trends among other young people. Pretending not to know what this word means has become a bigger, dumber fad than the loose collection of harmless, charming, often-creative amusements that make up hipster culture in its current form. Pick up a copy of of Vice or an Urban Outfitters catalog and shut your beer hole. They're here. They ride fixed gear.
Get used to it. This guy in particular needs to relax.

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