Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dumb name, sweet tunes

I get a lot of review copies in the mail lately, many more than a scatterbrained, sub-professional freelancer can manage to write about in print. Especially since my cat is on strike and I have to do everything myself now.

In particular, October has been a monsoon month in more ways than one. I got buried under a pile of October releases but I did make it out alive and I think the worst is over. The ones I'm about to review could keep me busy for the rest of the month on here and they were just the ones still clinging to me when I crawled out from under the pile.

The first one I should mention is Expressions by Music Go Music. I didn't want to listen because that is a ridiculous name for a band but it's just an insanely fun album. Its starts out like a pop-culture studies thesis paper on why Roxy Music, The Stones and The Supremes could have actually brought about world peace had they all collaborated on an album in the '70s. And possibly even prevented We Are the World. It quickly cycles through everything from glam to prog with a light auteuristic touch. Singer Gala Bell channels every '70s diva from Debbie Harry to Elton John through her soprano, metaphorically drowning the listener in sequins. Grandiose never felt so right. Or at least not for decades. I'll take MGM over MGMT any day.


Sara said...

I have only heard a couple songs from this band, but I'm into it as well! I'm glad the rest of their stuff seems cool. Music exchange soon??

Bev said...