Saturday, August 15, 2009

Never mind the Pizzas ...

Here's Cheeseburger. The self-titled album came out in 2007 but Tim just told me about them and, anyway, we're joining the slow news movement here at the potluck. (It's like the slow food movement but much less expensive.)

Cheeseburger is also a bit of a concept album. The songs are interspersed with clips of the announcer from a Top 40 radio station that may or may not have ever been real. It helps create the auditory experience that transports me to my own private 1970s mid-west fantasy world. Except the band's from Brooklyn. And, yes, they did the theme song for Superjail.

This video made me laugh like a donkey.

They're definitely channeling The Stooges quite a bit but I love them for the way they remind me of Thin Lizzy. In particular on the song "Do You Remember." This video may help me explain myself, but beware; it contains the graphic depiction of ass fondling. So, it's probably better if you turn the volume up and go do something away from your computer for a sec.

If you insisted on watching that, this one will get that awful image out of your head:

Incidentally, if you do a Google image search for Cheeseburger you will find the coolest blogs in the world.

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