Thursday, March 26, 2009

Momar vs. Gauze

I put on a record with a few albums by Japanese hardcore band, Gauze. First up was Fuck Heads. That's when I saw Momar's ears going stiff, signaling that he was giving me another one of his reviews. First they rotated independently of each other with each heavy riff. Shortly, he leapt off the couch and made a weird, drunk-looking circle on the rug, sort of staggering one way and then another, as if his senses were totally jammed. He returned to the couch switching his tail every verse or so and staring murderously first at me and then at the stereo. Then he darted off the couch and landed in the hall with his tail jerking back and forth. He never relaxed his ears. I found him crouched on the rug in the bedroom before the end of side A. By side B he seemed a little catatonic. (No pun intended.)

Then we put on Discharge and he calmed down. Hard to tell what this means in terms of his rating system. We're working on it.

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