Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bad Idea Jeans

I'm piecing the cultural history of the bad idea together slowly. I'm starting with the recent past and don't expect to get much further than that. Today we are going all the way back to the '90s and the Bad Idea Jeans sketch. The main hit you get when you Google "bad ideas," is an SNL sketch featuring Bad Idea brand jeans. Like sneakers that can make you fly, these jeans give ordinary people the power to keep guns around small children, have unprotected sex with strangers and give their kidneys away.

According to Urbandictionary.com "bad idea jeans" has come to be used as a term to identify a person who has, or who has had a bad idea. They are "wearing their bad idea jeans" in such instances.

You can see one of the SNL sketches here.

And apparently, you can also get real Bad Idea jeans:

Unless, this is also a joke. Blast you, Internet. For a lot of my jeans, the bad idea was buying them in the first place. There's no cure for it either. Like, I sort of want the jeans the lady up top has. And I think I know where I can get some.


Coco said...

When I saw the jeans up top, I was hoping someone would demote (promote?) their status to "good/bad idea." Thank you. And if you can't figure out where to buy some, I can certainly recommend someone to make them (us).
Also, the Long Vagina Pant works here, I think.

This is Courtney. We schmoozed the upper echelon together this evening.

beverly said...

Why can't I read your blog?

monica said...

hahahahahaha i love this post!