Monday, February 23, 2009

Bad idea of the week

I'd been wanting bangs for awhile but everyone has them. It's getting to the point that I can't tell any of the girls in town apart anymore. It' sort of like how all dudes have beards now. It's requisite. So having bangs would be a kind of capitulation, plus they supposedly don't look good on me. I've been meaning to cut my hair for awhile too but I haven't had the patience.

Anyway, the night before an '80s-themed birthday party three friends announced that they were going as The Ramones and suggested I complete the line up. This is an obviously brilliant idea and I am lucky to know these girls.

I don't really need a lot of encouragement to attend a party dressed as a male rock star. I was supposed to do The White Stripes one year for Halloween but my Meg bailed on me to tend her ailing boyfriend. Just being Jack on my own was still pretty fun. I made myself look like he does on the cover of Get Behind Me Satan. The album had just come out so it was a very recognizable costume.

The other intended Ramones all had bangs but I didn't, so I went home and rectified the situation. I might have taken less than ten minutes with it, which is about my attention span for that sort of thing these days. I gave myself the Johnny and Sean says the back is kind of messed up, but then, as he also pointed out, Johnny didn't give a fuck.

Shortly before the party, I found out I was supposed to be Joey. Shoot. Our costumes were a success, of course. Who doesn't love The Ramones after all? But now I have the Johnny. This is also a kind of success because I have actually always wanted this haircut. But in Las Vegas a friend cut my hair and she always protected me from myself. Those days are gone.

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