Wednesday, October 8, 2008

art infestation

I took my car to work today and it rained unceasingly. It rains still. On the way back I found that the Krog Tunnel was so flooded it was almost impassable. I was fascinated though. The scene was urban and intense, picturesque even. The next second I realized the flashes to my left were not some kind of storm warning device but three or so young people with cameras. They are everywhere always. Atlanta is very photograph-able because it's full of kitschy and/or majestic shit that is falling apart and I live near Little Five Points and East Atlanta where the creative class is like kudzu.
So, the marquee of a greasy spoon bears some mystical saying and I'm puzzling over it, of course there is some young dude with a grad student beard and a plaid shirt setting up his tripod next to it. It never fails.
I miss having an aesthetic experience in private once in awhile. You know?

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